If you have a furry pal, then the thought of your pet going missing is probably one of your greatest fears. Whether it is because of a wind-blown open gate or a broken leash, it only takes a moment for your pet to run off and disappear into the distance. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier than ever to ensure that your beloved pet makes their way safely home.

One of the best ways to ensure you always know exactly where your pet is located is with GPS dog collars. These small devices easily attach to your dog or cat’s collar and allow you to track their position on your phone, computer, or tablet. In the event your pet goes missing, you can find their location within a few yards instantly.

The longer a pet is missing, the more risks they are exposed to. With having to dodge cars, predators, stray dogs and cats, and countless other risks, the sooner you are able to recover your pet, the better. If your dog or cat is friendly, they are also at risk of being “rescued” by well-meaning strangers who believe they are a stray or abandoned animal and decide to keep them.

If you have ever used the GPS tracking app on your phone or in your car, you are aware of just how simple these programs are. With ranges of up to 2 miles, you will be able to pull up your pet’s location in less than a minute, and it will continue to update as the animal moves around. Gone are the days of wandering your neighborhood aimlessly, frantically calling your pet’s name in hopes they will hear. You will be able to pinpoint their exact location so you know precisely where to look.